Sunday, September 6, 2015


A man went to a teacher. He said, "Master, I was tired of life. Totally saturated. Household me apart. My efforts were chaotic. Whatever I do always failed. I want to die." The Master smiled, "Oh, you're sick."
"No Master, I'm not sick. I am healthy. Just bored with life. That's why I want to die."

As if not hearing his defense, the teacher continues, "You're sick. And the illness was named, 'Allergies Life'. Yes, you are allergic to life."

Lots of us are allergic to life. Then, without realizing we are doing things that are contrary to the norm of life. Life goes on. The river of life flowing constantly, but we want the status-quo. We stopped at a place, we do not come running. That is why we fall ill. We invite disease. Our refusal to participate flow with life makes us sick.

Businesses, there must be ups and downs. In married-ladder, a small argument was indeed reasonable. Friendship was not always permanent. What the hell is eternal life? We are not aware of the nature of life. We want to maintain a state. Then we failed, disappointment and suffering. "The illness can be cured, if you're really determined to heal and be willing to follow my directions." said the teacher.

"No teacher, no. I've really saturated. No, I do not want to live." The man refused the offer of the Master. "So you do not want to heal. You really want to die?" "Yes, indeed I was tired of living."
"Okay. Then you will die tomorrow afternoon. Take a bottle of this medicine. Tonight, drink half the bottle's contents. While half sisasnya you drink six o'clock tomorrow afternoon. So eight o'clock tomorrow you will die in peace."

Now, turn it into a confused man. Previously, all the teachers he went always strive to give the spirit of life. However, this one strange teacher. Instead of giving a zest for life, even offered poison. But, because he was already strongly saturated, he accepted it with pleasure.

Arriving home, he immediately spent half a bottle of poison called "drug" by the Master earlier. Then, he felt a calmness that he had never felt before. So relaxed, so relaxed! Stay 1 night, 1 day, and he will die. He will be liberated from all kinds of problems.

That night, he decided to have dinner with the family in a Japanese restaurant. Something he never did during the last few years. It was his last night. He wants to leave sweet memories. While eating, he was joking. The atmosphere is very harmonious. Before going to bed, he kissed his wife and whispered, "Honey, I love you."

Once again, since the night it was last night, he wanted to leave sweet memories! The next day, after waking up, she opened the bedroom window and looked out. His refreshing morning breeze. And he was tempted to do the morning walk. Half an hour later he returned home, he found his wife still asleep. Without waking, he entered the kitchen and make 2 cups of coffee. One for himself, one for his wife. Because of that morning was the last morning, he wanted to leave sweet memories! Istripun feel weird, "Honey, what happened today?

During this time, maybe I'm wrong. I am sorry, dear."
At the office, he greeted everyone, shaking hands with everyone. His staff was confused, "Today, our boss really weird huh?" And their attitude immediately changed. They became soft. Because it was during the last afternoon, he wanted to leave sweet memories!

Suddenly, everything around turns. He became friendlier and more tolerant, even appreciate against the opinions are different. Suddenly life is beautiful. He began to enjoy it.

Go home at 5 pm, he discovered his beloved wife waiting for him on the front porch. This is precisely the time his wife, who gave her a kiss, "Unfortunately, once again I'm sorry, if I had always bother you." The kids did not want to miss, "Father, forgive us all. During this time, my father was always depressed because of our behavior."

Suddenly, the river of life flowing again. Suddenly, life became very beautiful. He thought better to commit suicide. But what he had half a bottle of drink, the previous evening?

He came to the Master again. See the man's face, apparently the Master immediately knew what had happened, "Throw it the bottle. The contents of plain water. You're cured. If you live in the present, if you live with the knowledge that death can pick you up at any time, then you will enjoy every second of life. shatters your ego, pride, arrogance. Be gentle, gentle as water, and flows along the river of life. You will not be bored, will not be bored. You're going to feel alive. That's the secret of life. That is the key to happiness. That is the road to peace . "

The man thanked and greeted the Master, and then return home, to repeat the experience of the previous night. That said, he still continues to flow. He never forgets to live in the present. That's why he was always happy, always calm, always ALIVE!

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