Sunday, September 6, 2015

About Love

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Love ..

Know the human character was interesting. What looks on the surface, not necessarily according them ..

There is a hard luggage, but not tegaan. There are innate calm, but deadly. Getting to know people need time ..

There are as emotional, but loose and not 'save'. Nothing seemed wise, but 'actors' sly cunning ..

There is a seemingly happy family, has everything, it turns out it is very fragile and full of lies ..

But the funny thing is, many people prefer lied with sweetness, rather than face the painful spontaneity ..

'Most' people who are divorced, have a similar pattern, but it is a case of 'miscast' people (mentally ill).

PATTERN most: Women expect more of her husband. Reality while courting, unlike after marriage. So Disappointed  ..

They are currently in a state of mutual courtship 'pacing', or follow what he wants couples. As cucok so you know. Understandably the promotion period ..

Once married, the promotion period is over, the original character looks. Each other 'leading' begins. I wants this, follow me .. !! * Bughhh

Once started the fuss, come 'third person' 'as if' reconcile the hearts >> Though the old pattern repeated >> still the promotion period, Dodo ..!

If not have a commitment to maintain the marriage, would tell him how strong religious knowledge, find an alibi to give 'separation'. * round 1 after *

"Success is patterned, failed also patterned" >> not only in business, but also in the wedding ..

Learn to grow to understand other people, not just ask others to understand ourselves ..

Perfection is not on the trip, but the learning process ..

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